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8 Gut Health Supplements For An Optimal Gut Microbiome

Gut health has got significant importance regarding everything in your body. Moreover, it is impacted the same way you keep your body. Hence, you need to have the necessary know-how about some of the best gut health supplement products, which may help you boost your metabolism and body immunity. The same also lets you get more out of your food. You can take these supplements for any reason, i.e., stomach upsetting, a balanced belly, a healthy life, improving gut health, and much more. It depends on why you use these supplements because it can be a problem if anything goes wrong. Indeed, you will never compromise on your health; therefore, let us discuss more of the best gut health supplements and check why they are used.

gut health supplement

Some Good Health Supplements

There is a strong connection between the immune system and gut health. You can polish your gut bacteria with rich whole food intakes and processed foods. Keeping your gut microbiome at the highest levels should be the primary goal, and this surely can be achieved if you try out the below-mentioned gut health supplements. These supplements and herbs will undoubtedly clear all diet gaps and create a significant boost in microbiomes levels plus gut lining strengthening.

1. Probiotics

The human gut works to help his body get proper nutrition, maintaining a sound defense system against attacks. Probiotics are one of the best gut health supplement products, helping build good bacteria and increase their body population. When you are confident enough to choose probiotic supplements, you need to be sure first regarding its composition on bacteria. The most common ones include Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium longum, and Lactobacillus Plantarum.

Note: The above-mentioned bacterial strains are not going to increase inflammatory histamine production issues

You can try using ADVANCED PROBIOTIC 40 BILLION CFU. It has the best supplements' addition within it, including lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacteriumlactis, lactobacillus Plantarum, and lactobacillus paracasei.

2. Licorice Root

There should be some right place for bacteria to stay in your microbiome. Licorice root raises gut health at the top because it tends to remove glycyrrhizic acid, which causes high BP plus low potassium. Scientific studies have shown that licorice causes no nausea and heals ulcer patients faster[1]. Other benefits include improving skin conditions, reducing acid reflexing, preventing indigestions, treating ulcers, especially peptic ones, etc. They also have anticancer abilities and entirely ease upper respiratory issues. They also provide the best protection against cavities, i.e., they kill bacteria, which cause them. The best benefit of licorice root is that they aid in diabetes and improve blood sugar levels.

gut health supplement

3. Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is a dietary fiber and is the most effective gut health supplement. The same Is a blend of 50 percent soluble plus 50% insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers include stool softening plus water absorbents, and insoluble fibers include dietary fats absorbents plus constipation preventives. Psyllium is a significant component to increase gut health.

It prevents your body from diarrhea and constipation due to rich fibers (they are usually opposites and never coincide). Moreover, it increases the stool size, and you can pass them very quickly.

4. Detox for Gut Cleansing

No doubt, the general health condition is strongly linked to the gut microbiome. You can now clear your digestive tract quickly to make you feel better. If you want to remove harmful toxins from the body, you can flush them away now. Your energy levels will be boosted, and you can lose your weight effectively. Gut health supplements can efficiently ensure detoxification of your body. Detox supplements help your body maintain good shape and physique by removing unnecessary toxins from the body and balancing your immune systems. From this perspective, our product, DETOX COMPLEX, which is entirely natural and organic, can provide amazing results to the users. It has the best health-boosting powers along with better cleansing support. You feel lighter, energized, and way healthier.

5. Collagen Protein

Your body structure is maintained using collagen. It makes up the same for your gut too. Naturally, your body prepares collagen, but you need to eat lots of organic meats and bone broth meals. If you are not doing so, you are not probably providing your body with amino acid blocks for producing collagen at the required levels. This results in health issues later on. Collagen protein supports youthful skin, makes bones more durable, and strengthens joints. You can eat collagen-rich foods, including chicken skins, non-muscle meals, egg yolks, and much more, depending on your taste and likes.

6. Principal Curcuminoid

Curcumin is the most famous Indian spice and is one of the highly investigated supplements. Scientific research has shown that curcumin is an effective hydrogen donor and exhibits antioxidant activities[2]. As per the latest research, curcumin has been proven effective in managing inflammations, which are exercise-induced. It also helps in speedy recovery in active patients. Moreover, it also manages metabolic syndromes, arthritis, and possesses anti-amyloid plus anti-inflammatory properties[2]. Clinical studies have shown that both turmeric and curcumin protect against the harmful effects of CC14, galactosamine, and Paracetamol[2]. The best gut health supplement, which can help this regard, is the organic turmeric curcumin supplement. Its ultrapure ingredients include organic turmeric powder and 95% or more Curcuminoid extracts. Moreover, it has Bioperine and organic ginger extracts too.

7. Zinc Carnosine

Zinc Carnosine is a compound form of zinc and carnosine. It has proved useful and fantastic for gut health. Recent studies have shown that it increases and enhances gut health making your stomach maintain healthy gut lining[3]. It is a food product, i.e., health food products possessing health-promoting features plus gastrointestinal activities. It enhances the stomach’s defense system and provides specific gastric improvements to gastric ulcer patients. Moreover, it also inhibits inflammatory responses. You can call the same as the best digestive health supplement as it supports you at all stages of the same.

8. L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is the best gut health supplement comprising amino acids helping repair injuries taking place in intestinal walls. It strengthens intestinal walls and improves nutrient absorption levels. Moreover, it also helps the body produce cytokines secreted by the human body to signal mayday, i.e., asking for help. This takes place precisely when there is an attack of some antigen, virus, or microorganisms.

gut health supplement

Concluding Remarks

Summing it all up, gut health supplement products no doubt play a vital role in improving gut health, but excess of anything can be terrible if no proper care is taken. You can even improve your gut health without taking any of them, but lots of effort will then be needed in that case. Now, this is the time when you need to focus on making your body shape tip-top. Having a healthy gut lets you have more nutrients and effectively makes your immune system stronger. Adding supplements can change your life to some extent and let you keep going strong, but there is still a gap if you want to go for other options, as we said earlier.

You can try the below-mentioned if you plan to boost gut health without taking supplements.

  • Eat Rich Probiotic Foods – That's something going to work for you. You can experiment the same with some fermented foods, which must be rich in probiotic bacteria. They may include kombucha, sauerkraut, or kefir. Between fermenting, you will see bacterial cultures thriving in the food, and you must know that you are supplementing the same bacteria (same as in the gut) in your body while eating them.
  • Lots of Fiber- Add a fiber diet to your foods. Fiber, if taken repeatedly, becomes a must-food for your gut bacteria instead of just passing one. Generally, prebiotic fibers are more beneficial as they give fuel to gut bacteria. When taken, Fiber breaks into small chunks of fatty acids, helping your body fight inflammation and better health maintenance of the gut lining.
  • Sleep Well - This is something essential because healthy guts are filled with unique bacterial combinations. The microbiomes change massively when sleep is not enough. Clinical studies show that sleeping less makes a huge increase in toxins along with inflammation. Moreover, it increases negativity in the body, i.e., bacterial ratios negatively affect your body.
  • Bone Broth–You can have a cup of hot bone broth to relax a bit. It will help if you look for broth, which is 100% grass-fed beef. It can be a free-range chicken too for savory and satisfying snacks. If bone-broth is collagen-rich, it would be best. This is because it produces high levels of amino acids needed for your body and rebuilds the gut and tissues.

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