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Best Supplements for Managing Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings do not have a sweet influence on your body. For many, sugar craving is merely the desire followed by the act of eating something sweet. It is not as sweet as it appears! Science reveals mind-boggling reasons for the development of a sweet tooth.

supplements for sugar cravings


Whenever an individual feels stressed and anxious, they consume sugar to feel better. This is because of serotonin. Intake of sugar increases serotonin and alleviates mood, appetite, memory, and social well-being. This result is temporary. The brain becomes habitual of the boost by sugar and compels the individual to eat sweet.[1]

More astonishing to know is that low protein, fiber, and fat in your bloodstream does not let carbohydrates satisfy hunger and cravings. There is always room for more because cravings have to be fulfilled. [1]

Science does not end here. The basic anatomy of the human brain shows the hippocampus and caudate nucleus. These areas are responsible for developing hard-to-break habits. These brain components influence reward-seeking behavior, which indulges individuals in rewarding themselves with sweets for working or any other job. Hippocampus and caudate nucleus function simultaneously, even making the human brain make or link memories with the sweets. Continuous revision of consuming sugars and sweets makes the habit very persistent. It is hard but not impossible to break this unhealthy habit! [1]

How to stop sugar cravings? Here is a list of the most effective supplements for sugar cravings. Make them a part of your routine to get over your sugar cravings.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an asset to herbal medicine. This herb has countless medical benefits. Since Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, it helps regulate the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is directly concerned with sugar cravings.

When your body is under physical or mental stress, it produces cortisol, which compels you to grab and munch something sweet. The problem is that it is a never-ending cycle. Consuming sweet food causes your blood sugar level to spike. In response, the pancreas releases insulin, which drops your blood sugar level. Dipped sugar levels indicate stress for which a stress hormone (cortisol) is released. As a result, you end up eating a lot of sweets! [2]

According to a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study (Chandrasekhar, Kapoor, & Anishetty, 2012) about Ashwagandha's extract, researchers concluded that it has a calming effect on the nervous system. [3] Hence, including Ashwagandha supplements can significantly help you cut down the sugar cravings to a bare minimum.

2. L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is an animal and plant-derived amino acid. L-Glutamine, also called a calming amino acid, is an important amino acid, especially for the digestive system. Athletes commonly use this amino acid to build and preserve muscle tissue. At the same time, it helps reduce weight.

This amino acid is responsible for suppressing sugar cravings. There is a high chance that you don't consume L-Glutamine in the desired amount; therefore, the sugar cravings are out of control. To limit your sugar craving, include L-Glutamine supplements in your diet; it is highly effective and yield promising results.

According to a study (Abboud et al., 2019), L-Glutamine supplement works by suppressing the insulin level. Stable insulin levels, in turn, stabilize blood glucose levels. This makes it an ideal supplement for diabetic patients. [3] 

Sugar craving is a common sign of L-Glutamine deficiency. With a prompt dose, you can stop your sugar cravings straightaway.


Your body needs chromium in a very minute and quite a calculated amount. It is a metallic trace mineral that is beneficial for your body in various ways. Chromium regulates lipid, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism, as well as keeps a balanced check on insulin sensitivity.

Although your body needs chromium in very minute quantities for the metabolic processes, yet there is a possibility of deficiency. Mostly, people don't consume the right foods which are rich in chromium and end up with an imbalance of this essential mineral.

Chromium imbalance causes fluctuation in blood sugar levels. This, in turn, produces the urge to consume sweets and sugars. Ultimately, you end up consuming more sugars than you need to satisfy taste buds. More surprisingly, when you eat sweet food, your body releases insulin. Insulin further increases the urge to eat more sweet food.

As you age, the chromium level decreases, giving rise to stronger sugar cravings. You can stop sugar cravings by consuming chromium supplements. According to a study (Brownley, Boettiger, Young, & Cefalu, 2015), chromium supplements reduce depression and carbohydrate cravings.[4]

A special form of chromium, called chromium picolinate, remarkably minimizes sugar cravings within three days. 200-1000 mcg of chromium picolinate for three days does magic.[5]

4.  Cinnamon



Cinnamon is another herb which proves to be quite beneficial for medical requirements. This naturally sweet has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-diabetic properties, which elevate your body's health status.

Those individuals who are stuck in a cycle of sugar cravings must consider taking cinnamon supplements. These supplements help in regulating the blood sugar levels and kick sugar cravings. Cinnamon supplements are another reliable supplement for sugar cravings. There is a reason behind the confidence it holds.

Several studies (Richard, Chromium, and polyphenols from cinnamon improve insulin sensitivity 2008) claim that cinnamon is richly loaded with polyphenols and chromium, which helps in cutting down sugar cravings.[6] Moreover, cinnamon supplements keep the blood sugar level stable. When the blood sugar level dips down, the body releases cortisol to combat the stress. This strengthens the sugar cravings which you don't want to happen. Other than stabilizing glucose levels, cinnamon supplements don't allow insulin to increase. An increase in insulin decreases glucose level inviting more hunger and more sugar cravings.

5.  Omega 3 Fish oil

supplements for sugar cravings


Fish oil is an all-rounder supplement. Fish oil is rich in Omega 3, which serves the purpose of keeping several systems of your body healthy. This oil is extracted from salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines. Fish oil obtained from these fish contain seven times as much omega-3 oils as omega-6 oils. The potential of fish oil makes it one of the most highly demanded supplements for sugar cravings.

According to a study (Meng, Ying, Noble, Zhao, & Agrawal, Systems Nutrigenomics Reveals Brain Gene Networks Linking Metabolic and Brain Disorders 2016), fructose has a grave impact on the genes of the consumer. [7] High-fructose corn syrup, a common ingredient in soda, desserts, condiments, applesauce, baby food, and other processed snacks, produces an alteration in the genetic material. Change in genetic expression leads to several metabolic diseases such as diabetes and some brain disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Alzheimer's disease. 

The same research revealed the good news as well. There is a supplement that can reverse the effect of fructose. That supplement is DHA and EPA-loaded fish oil. It tends to reverse the fructose-induced changes in the brain.

Since your brain and body can't produce DHA and EPA on its own, it is necessary to take it via diet. Health professionals recommend 1000 mg omega 3 fish oil daily. Fish oil not only reverses the damage by fructose but also counters sugar cravings. [8]  

 6.  Saffron


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Saffron is extensively used in the sub-continent, especially in countries like India and Pakistan. The hard labor in harvesting of this thread-like spice makes it rare and hard to get commodity. And it is not cheap in some parts of the world. You will be amazed to know that 450 grams of saffron may end up costing $5000 in some parts of the world due to high demand and low availability. This is insane!

Saffron has anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-depressive properties. Other than these significant properties, saffron is also consumed to fight unnecessary sugar cravings. They are supplements for sugar cravings!

Sugar cravings are exclusively connected with boredom and anxiety. Whenever sugar craving kicks in, notice your mental state. There is a high chance of anxiety and boredom to surround you, which ultimately compels you to crave for something sugary. Saffron can alleviate your mood and suppress anxiety.

According to a study (Gustafson, 2015), saffron supplements activate the serotonin mechanism. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that boosts your mood and makes you feel happy. The serotonin mechanism reduces sugar cravings. [9] Taking top-quality saffron extract supplements can help you solve your sugar cravings problem. 

7.  Magnesium

Most of the time, when you crave another bar of chocolate or another serving of strawberry smoothie, your stomach is full, but your sweet tooth is still unsatisfied. This does not mean to continue taking one after another serving of sweet dish to calm down your sweet senses. Instead, it is time to ponder over the unnecessary craving.

Even after having a proper meal, the persistent craving for sugar is a sign of something missing. That something is surely not another sweet pancake or fizzy drink. Instead, it is magnesium which your body is missing.

Magnesium is an essential mineral. Like chromium, magnesium is also required in a very small quantity. According to the National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, the recommended daily intake is 400-420 mg for men and 310-320 mg for women. Although the quantity is quite limited, yet unbalanced intake of food creates a deficiency of magnesium. This mineral is responsible for carrying out several processes in our body at the metabolic and genetic levels. There are around 300 processes that rely on magnesium. 

The deficiency of magnesium does disturb not only the electrolyte balance but also affects the digestive tract. When your body is low on magnesium, there isn't enough you don't have enough energy to provide your body's cells. This is where you feel deprived of energy and crave sugar. Once sugar enters your body, since it works as a fuel, cells derive sufficient energy from it. Next time it happens, you again crave for sugar, and the cycle continues.

According to Harvard Medical School, magnesium regulates blood glucose levels and manages insulin production as well. Both insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels influence sugar cravings. [10] To fight the urge to consume something sweet, make magnesium supplements an integral part of your daily routine. You will notice the change yourself!

8. Zinc

Mineral deficiency is a leading cause of sugar cravings. We discussed how chromium and magnesium are necessary to reduce sugar cravings. Another important mineral is zinc. The significance of zinc can't be denied. It is an essential mineral which is necessary for all age groups and both genders equally. This trace element is found in cells throughout the body. Many people don't give the attention required to this mineral; therefore, its deficiency occurs quite easily.

When the zinc status of your body becomes compromised, several mechanisms are abruptly affected. A common observation is the development of sugar cravings. Zinc maintains the blood sugar level. The synthesis, release, and storage of insulin also rely on zinc. The deficiency of zinc leads to changes in blood sugar level and insulin imbalance, which kicks in sugar cravings.

It is necessary to take zinc supplements if you are looking for a way to manage the issue of a sweet tooth. Similar to chromium and magnesium, zinc form reliable supplements for curbing your sugar cravings.


Sugar cravings are not wrong. You are free to consume sugar and sweets but always in a limited quantity. According to a saying, excess of everything is bad. Eating candies and chocolate bars many times a day, drinking sugar-loaded drinks several times a day, and not keeping a balance of carbohydrates with other nutrients is quite injurious for your body.

Sugar cravings are merely a play between your brain and body. Brain compels your body to consume more. There is never any end. Soon your body experiences clinical issues because of over-consumption of sugar.

To avoid any repercussions, develop self-control, and make the aforementioned supplements for sugar cravings a part of your routine drinks. This will help you achieve command over unnecessary sugar cravings.

Don't let your mind fool you!



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