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Top 15 Best Herbs For Love And Self-Care

For centuries, human beings have been using herbal remedies to cure all kinds of diseases. Herbs have many incredible advantages for the human body, from producing a soothing effect to managing a pathological condition.

With the advancement in scientific research, it has been found that herbs have so many proven health benefits. Whether you feel a bit down or suffering from a terrible health disorder, a herbal remedy can effectively treat your condition.

Herbal medicine's most common uses involve boosting the immune system, promoting sleep, enhancing digestion, and relieving muscular pain. However, herbs can also be deployed to lift your spirits and lighten your mood. Not only do they serve as an excellent alternative to medications, but they also improve your focus and intelligibility.

In this article, you will go through a list of herbs that help relieve mild depression and promote self-love feelings. You will also learn how to use these herbs for love and specific health problems safely. So, let's find out what these sweet-smelling, gorgeous little plants can do for you!

How Can Herbs Help In Promoting Love?

For thousands of years, people believed that herbs contain some magical elements that had exceptional healing powers. However, with the advent of science, researchers found out that certain chemicals such as antioxidants in herbs fight off toxins and trigger happy hormones in the body.

Isn't that interesting, right? Many herbs are being used for aromatherapyas it has proven to be successful in promoting good emotions. Moreover, some herbal extracts impart feelings of serenity and self-care. They bless you with mental peace and comfort.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to avoid feeling edgy, you should go for herbal teas and essential oils. In addition to providing instant relief from depression and anxiety, they will significantly improve the quality of your life. Listed below are fifteen herbs that have numerous scientifically proven benefits.


1. Chamomile

Herbs for love

Chamomile, a flowering herb, resembles daisy in appearance and is found in two main types, namely German chamomile and Roman chamomile. It has a widespread use that varies from person to person. It can be consumed in the form of a tablet, extract, or tea.

Several studies have been conducted to investigate the effects of chamomile in managing anxiety and depression. A recent clinical trial investigated the impact of consuming 1500mg of chamomile every day for almost twelve weeks in 93 individuals.

Researchers concluded that withdrawal from chamomile after twelve weeks didn't result in a relapse of the symptoms. Although some people did encounter allergic reactions, most of them reported having a pleasant experience.

Furthermore, chamomile can intervene in the effects of certain drugs such as the immunosuppressant cyclosporin and blood thinner warfarin. If you are allergic to ragweed, daisies, chrysanthemum, or marigolds, you should consult with your doctor before considering the regular use of chamomile.


2. Holy Basil

Commonly known as tulsi, holy basil is one of the many amazing herbs for love. It helps clear brain fog and getting rid of mental fatigue. It works as an adaptogen, imparting a calming effect to your senses and helping you cope with stress. It has gained immense popularity due to its affinity for mood.

Herbal tea can be a fantastic addition to your diet plan. To promote self-love and maintain your physical well being, nutritionists and dietary experts recommend moderate lifestyle changes and simple daily practices. However, a cup of herbal tea can prove as a bonus for your mental health.

All in all, tulsi can do wonders for you by lightening up your mood and taking away all that unnecessary stress from your life.


3. Ashwagandha

Like holy basil in its action, ashwagandha helps you manage emotional and physical stress by improving your nervous and endocrine systems' functioning. It belongs to the group of herbs known as adaptogens and impacts the activity of body systems regulating your stress response mechanism.

In addition to its long history of use in traditional Indian medicine, it has several proven health benefits. A recent clinical trial studied the effects of 250-600mg doses administered daily to 58 individuals over eight weeks. Researchers found that people who received regular ashwagandha doses had lower blood concentration of the stress hormone cortisol. Besides, they enjoyed better sleep and improved brain functioning.

In short, ashwagandha can substantially reduce the stress levels in your body. It is available both in liquid and tincture form.


4. Lemon Balm

Herbs for love

With a long history of being an amazingly soothing herb, the lemon balm does a great job driving away sadness and melancholy. If you feel a bit troubled or lost, taking a bath with lemon balm leaves or oil in it will help you restore your inner peace.

Lemon balm is fit for growth in all kinds of environments. If you are thinking of planting a herb in your garden, you should undoubtedly go for lemon balm. Apart from its tremendous soothing effect, it has numerous medicinal benefits. Its antibacterial nature makes it perfect for adding to mouthwashes.

Moreover, consuming lemon balm tea regularly will significantly enhance your skin appearance. It will also improve your memory and improve cognitive function. Lastly, it can be an excellent remedy for Alzheimer's patients.


5. Lavender

As a bushy perennial herb, lavender leaves and extract are available throughout the year. It has exceptional calming effects and bright purple flowers. Thanks to its strong and relaxing scent, it is widely being used for aromatherapy.

Drinking lavender tea, using lavender oil for aromatherapy, and adding lavender leaves to your bathing water can help you alleviate anxiety.

According to a 2017 literature review, the terpenes present in lavender essential oil affect the chemical receptors in your brain. It helps eliminate undue stress and promote good vibes.

However, there isn't enough scientific evidence to support the long-term use of lavender. So, you should seek the advice of your doctor in this regard.


6. Sage

Native to the Mediterranean region, sage has numerous well-researched medicinal uses and is one the most effective herbs for love. It has surprising benefits for your cognitive functions. Due to its memory boosting abilities, it can be an excellent addition to individuals' everyday routine suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Furthermore, sage has an exceptional capacity for lightening your mood and sharpening your memory. Its plantation starts in Spring and takes about three months to get ready for harvestation. Also, it grows well in sunny and well-drained soil.


7. Valerian

Herbs for love

Widely consumed in tea, tinctures, and tablets, valerian is an incredible herb native to the Asian and European continents. Along with an extensive history of medicinal use as a mild sedative, valerian shows healthy and positive effects in people with anxiety and depression.

A growing amount of scientific evidence supports the use of valerian for treating insomnia. Besides, several medical experts have deemed it perfect for promoting sleep. It is grown primarily for its roots, which can be used along with lemon balm leaves.


8. Hyacinth

Carrying a delicious and calming scent, hyacinth can be one of the best herbs for love to begin your self-care journey with. It is associated with an ancient Greek myth and is known to attract good fortune. The medicinal benefits of hyacinth include the treatment of eczema due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Another exciting benefit of using hyacinth is that it helps lower cholesterol and manage pain during periods. It is also useful in curing minor digestive problems. Keeping its flowers next to your pillow will take away the negative energies and help you sleep better.


9. Rosemary

Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemaryis a drought-tolerant perennial shrub with beautiful blue flowers. It is widely known for its excellent culinary uses. You can plant it in your garden during Spring and harvest it a couple of months later.

Several clinical tries have shown the antioxidant effects of rosemary. A significant reduction in stress levels was observed in people who consumed rosemary.

It has also been found to tackle cancerous cells and help cancer patients. Moreover, a recent study shows that the administration of low doses of rosemary regularly enhances brain functioning and sharpens memory.


10. Passionflower

Coming from a plant family with over 550 different species, passionflower is a potent herb with many surprising health advantages. From treating sleeplessness to calming your nerves, it acts as a tremendous antidepressant drug.

It is commonly available in tincture and tablet form. Its effects are similar to those of benzodiazepines. Lastly, it saves you from the adverse side effects of anxiety medications.


11. Kava Kava

Herbs for love

Native to the Pacific islands, kava kavaor kava is a shrub used in ceremonial beverages to lift spirits and alter your mood. Clinical trials investigating the efficacy of kava in treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) showed decreased anxiety levels in the participants who received regular doses for six weeks.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicated that kava consumption could lead to severe hepatic disorders. However, the association between kava and liver diseases was found to be unclear later on. You can buy kava in the form of supplements or essential oils in health food stores.


12. Cannabidiol

As an active ingredient of weed or cannabis, cannabidiolimparts soothing effects on your nervous system. It takes all the unnecessary stress off your nerves and promotes feelings of self-love and serenity.

The journey of self-love is closely associated with rebirth. Several studies about the efficacy of the cannabis plant in treating nervousness and anxiety have shown positive results.

An investigative study about the role of CBD in alleviating depression and sleep disorders revealed that 57 out of 72 adults who smoked cannabis experienced extremely low anxiety levels for three months. Researchers have recommended the use of CBD as an additional therapy for curing sleeping problems.


13. Hops

Hops areperennial vineswith green cone-shaped flowers that are added to tea as well as beer. Apart from enhancing the taste of these beverages, this herb induces pleasure and sleep. It is also suitable for libido because it lightens up your mood.

For many years, people have been using it as a mild sedative. Modern research reveals that it contains xanthohumol that prevents damage to the brain cells, and is highly beneficial for Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.


14. Matcha

Herbs for love

Most people rely on caffeinated drinks to lift their spirits and increasing their focus. However, there is a particular disadvantage of consuming caffeinated beverages. Excess caffeine in your body can increase the stress hormone cortisol levels and lead to unnecessary stress.

On the other hand, matcha green tea contains a specific compound, theanine, that has a relaxing effect on your brain cells. In short, it is an effective way of naturally destressing yourself.


15. Turmeric

Turmeric comes with a multitude of health benefits. This amazing super-spice helps protect your brain cells through its antioxidant activity and prevents excessive inflammation. It has a high concentration of anti-inflammatory agents that help fight off harmful toxins and to avoid depression from chronic pain.

How to buy supplements and herbs for love?

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All in all, herbs can serve as a fantastic tool for managing stress and anxiety. They are available in many different forms and have no side effects. Even though they can do wonders for your body, you should consult your doctor and consider all the pros and cons before starting their consumption.

What's more, the ingredients of herbal extracts can interact vigorously with OTC medications. They can enhance or nullify the effects of prescription drugs. So, it is crucial for patients on a particular medication to check in with their doctor before using herbal remedies.