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How To Balance Hormones With Diet And Herbs?

Hormones are essential elements of our health and wellbeing. From growth to appetite control, from sleep quality to sexual health, hormones play their part in almost everybody's function. However, as we age, hormone levels in the body tend to get lower. It may result in several consequences.

How to balance hormones

In women, hormonal imbalances associated with menopause lead to hot flushes, cramps, chills, weight gain, and mood disturbances.

In men, hormonal imbalance can lead to sexual dysfunctions (decreased libido, infertility) and depression.

You may be wondering, is there a natural way to keep hormones in balance? Yes! There is.

Just including some powerful herbs and foods into your diet can solve the problem. Read on, and we'll describe how to balance hormones naturally. We'll describe herbs and diet to balance hormones and enjoy your life as young as your twenties.

What Are Hormones?

Our body produces various chemicals to send messages and control the functions of different organs. One such group of chemical messengers is hormones. These specialized proteins are secreted from endocrine glands and maintain a wide range of functions in the body.

Role Of Hormones

The important roles of hormones in our health include:

  • Food metabolism
  • Growth
  • Sexual maturation
  • Reproductive growth and fertility
  • Mood
  • Cognition
  • Thermoregulation (maintenance of body temperature)

Hormone Imbalance Consequences

A derangement or imbalance of the normal levels of hormones can lead to many grave consequences. Over or underproduction of the hormones may result in:

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Decreased sex drive and libido
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating on palms of hands and soles of feet
  • Increased sensitivity to hot/cold
  • Infertility
  • Increased hunger and thirst
  • Dry skin
  • Puffy face and blurred vision

Herbs To Balance Hormonal Naturally

If you are facing any disturbances in your hormone balance, we recommend adopting the following herbs in your daily diet to balance hormones naturally.

We have shortlisted the best herbs and supplements that can help you regain the optimal hormonal levels in the body.


1. Ashwagandha

How to balance hormones

Ashwagandha is a miraculous herb that is also known as the Indian ginseng. The magical herb takes hold of your hormone levels and helps you fight symptoms of hormone imbalance. The most evident impact of Ashwagandha are as follows:

Stress Reduction

Taking ashwagandha supplements can help reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol.

Excessive production of cortisol can have detrimental effects on your mood as this is the stress hormone.

Ashwagandha helps you combat stress by inhibiting the production of cortisol.

A prospective study on ashwagandha's impacts found that the ayurvedic herb effectively reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps you fight depression.

Improved Sexual Potency

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has potent aphrodisiac properties, i.e., improves sexual drive.

The herb is effective in improving erectile dysfunction in diabetics, a study suggests.

Another study found that Withania somnifera regulates the levels of reproductive hormones and helps treat male fertility.

Management Of Menopause Symptoms

Women entering the perimenopause or menopause age develop signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance. Ashwagandha is an efficacious natural way to deal with this.

When used in combination, ashwagandha, praval pishti, and ashokarishta help improve menopause symptoms like hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, and sleep disturbances by regulating the hormones, a study suggests.

A comprehensive study states that ashwagandha is a potent stress reducer, sex stimulant (aphrodisiac), and menopause symptoms reliever. It brings the levels of different hormones to optimal levels.

You can try our Ashwagandha supplement here and benefit of its magnificant health effects.


2. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh, also known as Actaea racemosa, is widely used as a women's supplement owing to the benefits it imparts.

This herb mimics the action of the hormone estrogen and is, therefore, is considered a phytoestrogen.

Black cohosh works in a variety of ways to help out menopausal women.

Alleviates Menopause Symptoms

Black cohosh is very effective in alleviating the symptoms of women suffering from perimenopause and menopause. As per a study, black cohosh and evening primrose oil help reduce hot flashes.

Improves Fertility

Black cohosh significantly improves lipid profiles of serum in rats.

The introduction of phytoestrogens (such as black cohosh) can improve pregnancy chances, a study suggests.

According to a trial, black cohosh also enhances the efficacy of the fertility drug clomiphene citrate. You can balance hormones naturally by consuming this herbal supplement.


3. Vitex

Vitex agnus-castus, commonly known as Chaste tree berry, is another herb that can help women balance hormones naturally.

This chaste tree berry has a direct impact on the progesterone levels of the body. It works by enhancing brain-ovary communication.

Vitex doesn't contain the hormone itself; instead, it just normalizes the levels of progesterone in the body and helps in conditions:

  • Endometriosis
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Infertility
  • Weak pregnancies (Miscarriage prevention)
  • Menopause symptoms

A study suggests that Vitex agnus castus is useful in providing relief from PMS symptoms and premenstrual dysphoric syndrome.

Another study supports the role of vitex herbs in PMS through its estrogenic and progesterone properties. The herb is also potent in correcting fertility disorders in women.


4. Maca

How to balance hormones

This herb from Peru (also known as Peruvian ginseng) works differently to optimize the hormone levels.

The herb is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it adapts to the body's conditions and balances hormones.

If there is an overproduction of hormones, maca will decrease the gland activity. On the other hand, maca will promote the gland to release vast amounts if there is underproduction. Therefore, maca is a natural regulator of hormones in the body.

The maca's primary targets are the pituitary and the hypothalamus glands, i.e., the master glands. The positive impacts of maca are:

Improved Fertility

Maca is known for maintaining reproductive hormone levels in ladies.

In a study carried out on lab rats, the herb effectively increased luteinizing hormone levels and improved fertility.

Another study claims that maca does improve sexual desire in men without increasing the lowered testosterone values in semen.

It is suggested that maca itself has testosterone-like compounds. The suspicion is due to the profound improvement in male sexual desire that it creates.

Improved Sexual Performance

Lepidium meyenii (Maca) is a herb with proven benefits in increasing sexual desire, sexual energy, and fertility in men, as suggested by a study.


5. Red Raspberry Leaf

This leaf extract is commonly consumed as a tea and used for strengthening the uterine muscles. It has improved the levels of progesterone and estrogen in the body. The positive effects of the tea leaf include:

Increased Fertility

The herb not only increases the female reproductive hormone but also improves male reproductive hormones as well.

Maintenance Of Pregnancy

A study carried out on rats showed that the tea leaf had immense benefits in preventing miscarriages and is safe to be used in pregnancy.

As it neutralizes the levels of progesterone in the body, it also helps develop the uterine musculature. Due to this purpose, it is frequently used as a uterine tonic.

A drop in the progesterone levels during pregnancy can lead to unwanted symptoms such as nausea and pain, for which the doctor recommends progesterone supplements. This herb is a natural product that alleviates symptoms.


6. White Peony Root

Paeonia lactiflora is a multi-beneficial herb from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine is effective in the progesterone cycle support.

Pregnancy and fertility issues are prevalent across the globe, and these issues are attributed to hormonal imbalances. Artificial ways of the hormonal supplement are recommended but have some side effects too.

Female Reproduction

This Chinese herb is effective in treating premature ovarian failure. According to 2019 research, researchers found that white peony root contains phytoestrogens, which replenish sex hormone deficiency in females.

Male Reproduction

White peony root consumption can also balance the levels of testosterone in males. It is a useful natural strategy to slow down the production of testosterone hormone.


7. Milk Thistle

How to balance hormones

Silybum marianum or milk thistle is a herb that has several benefits for the human body.

Milk Production

According to a study on pregnant rats, Silybum marianum leads to increased levels of prolactin hormone. Increased milk production is the outcome of the silymarin components of the herb.

Liver And Thyroid Function

Liver cleansing is a prominent role played by milk thistle. The clearing of the liver is good for maintaining estrogen and progesterone levels in the body.

Increased thyroid activity is checked by testing the levels of thyroxine in the blood.

A study suggests that milk thistle has a positive impact on maintaining the thyroid hormones by reducing the gland's overactivity.


8. Dong Quai

Dong Quai is famously known as the female ginseng. It is a natural alternative to medicinal Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Dong Quai has phytoestrogens in it. A 2017 report states that alternative therapies to HRT help relieve symptoms of a hot flush, vulvovaginal treatments of menopause.

Medicinal herbs, including Ginkgo Biloba and Dong Quai, are effective in treating female sexual dysfunction.


9. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is another herb loaded with phytoestrogens. Therefore, it makes an excellent herb in helping regain estrogen balance in the body.

Male Testosterone Levels

According to a meta-analysis, fenugreek shows significant improvement in testosterone levels in serum.

Another 2017 study suggested that novel protodioscin-enriched fenugreek seed extract improves testosterone levels.

Postmenopausal Syndrome

As per a randomized controlled trial, fenugreek husk helps alleviate the signs and symptoms of Postmenopausal Syndrome by balancing the hormones.

Insulin Sensitivity

Fenugreek also improves insulin sensitivity by reducing melanin-concentrating hormone levels.


10. Oatstraw

Oatstraw is an extract from the Avena sativa plant.It helps in normalizing the activity of endocrine glands.

It promotes the release of luteinizing hormone from the adenohypophysis gland in rats.


11. Ginger Rhizome

Ginger (scientifically known as Ginger Rhizome) is a widely used herb. It has immense medicinal benefits. That is why it is a staple in Indian diets.

You might be familiar with the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the herb. The herb does more than this.

A controlled trial suggests that ginger is effective in treating primary dysmenorrhea.

Another study showed that ginger extracts modulate thyroid hormone levels of the body.


12. Diindolylmethane (DIM)

Diindolylmethane is a chemical compound found inside green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach.

DIM supplements promote the production of estrogen. The herb extract regulates the metabolism of the hormones. This helps combat issues related to estrogen dominance.

According to a study, DIM saves from thyroid diseases by modulating estrogen metabolism. In addition to the estrogen levels, the chemical from plants also establishes a balance in testosterone levels.

Other Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally

There are some natural remedies to bring your hormones to normal levels. In addition to herbal supplements, you can follow these tips to balance hormones naturally.

  • Take A Diet Rich In Protein.Hormones are protein in nature. A deficiency of hormones can be corrected by taking sufficient amounts of proteins.
  • Avoid Refined Sugars.Consuming high levels of carbohydrates, especially fructose, increases insulin levels. Therefore, abandoning sugary drinks and bakery items can return the insulin to normal levels.
  • Exercise Regularly. Maintaining some physical activity can bring the hormone levels of the body to an optimal range.
  • Consume Good Fats Only.To maintain the right amounts of hormones in the body, you should take only unsaturated fats and abstain from saturated fats (and fried foods).
  • Manage Your Stress Levels.Cortisol is the stress hormone. Excessive production of cortisol can lead to anxiety and stress. Therefore, you should manage your stress levels.


Hormones are pivotal in regulating multiple systems of the body. Hormonal imbalance can lead to a myriad of issues if not managed promptly. Endocrine gland disturbances can put into a sticky wicket of fatigue, infertility, growth, and reproduction issues.

To boost or slow down, the production of hormones can be a little tricky for healthcare providers. However, there are plenty of natural herbs and plants to make you feel alright again. The most evident herbs include ashwagandha, black cohosh, maca, and vitex. The majority of these herbs are superb alternatives to hormone replacement therapy suggested to menopausal women.