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How Big Pharma and Big Biotech Work Together to Affect Your Health

The pharmaceutical industry and the industrial-agricultural, biotech model are really one in the same. Once you understand the inner-workings of these industries, you can start to unravel all the ways they scheme to destroy your health and well-being. That’s step one. The next step is to take back your health from those who have stolen it from you.

These two behemoth engines of commerce, Big Pharma and Big Ag (biotech), generate more than $712 billion in prescription drugs annually and trillions more for carcinogenic herbicides, along with patented, genetically modified ‘terminator’ seeds, which farmers have been convinced they need to grow to ‘save the world’ from famine.

This is small potatoes, though, when you consider that just ten companies control almost everything that we eat, slather on our bodies, clean our homes with or wash our hair with. Oddly, the same number of companies control almost 90 percent of the global seed market, and a handful of drug companies prescribe most of the ‘medicine’ which the world consumes, particularly Americans.

If nearly 60 percent of Americans are taking pharmaceutical meds, and approximately 95 percent of the major crops grown in the U.S. are genetically modified, what does this mean for our health? Clearly, these industries collude to make us sick, offer a magic pill and then charge us through the nose at every turn. So, what can we do about this racket set up to sicken us while promoting corporate profits?

It’s funny how an industry that is supposed to heal us works so closely with an industry which is meant to feed us. Meanwhile, both of them fail to do this job so completely.

Let’s take a look at some odd coincidences between the drugs Big Pharma offers for various ailments and the probable causes for those ailments, obvious within the scientific research about GMOs:


Biotech/Big Ag Cause

Big Pharma ‘Cure’ Effect

Altered Gut Flora – It has been shown in multiple studies that genetically modified foods alter our gut flora. This is detrimental to our overall immunity since the gut is considered the “second brain,” and it communicates with many parts of the body to help it carry out regular physiological functions. Irritable bowel syndrome, depression and numerous gastrointestinal ailments have been linked to genetically modified foods.

Almost one in four Americans is taking some sort of drug for depression, yet many experts believe that if our gut flora was healthy, we would not experience depression or anxiety.  Depression drugs alone cost Americans between $44 to $55 billion annually. That’s quite a windfall for Big Pharma, and we haven’t even considered the additional earnings the industry makes off of inflammatory diseases, also tied to poor gut health.

Cancer – One of the most alarming connections between the biotech/Big Ag model of farming is its contribution to cancer. A Seralini study was once retracted from a prominent journal only later to be republished after the scientist proved his results with a rigorous, long-term study that genetically modified corn and soy caused cancerous tumors in laboratory rats. The Environmental Working Group says that GMOs doubly our risk for getting a whole variety of cancers, with Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, glyphosate as a likely culprit.

An IMS Health Study has documented that the global expense for cancer treatment has skyrocketed to $107 billion annually. In the United States, where cancer drug spending was $37.8 billion last year, new high-priced cancer drugs alone accounted for $9.4 billion of the increase since 2010.

Though there are numerous factors that can contribute to the creation of cancer in the body, GMOs are undeniably a part of that mix.  

Reproductive Issues – Along with reduced fertility in males and increased rates of miscarriage in females, GMOs and the pesticides used to grow them have been linked to a whole host of reproductive health challenges.  

The fertility industry is experiencing a boom. Coincidence? A single fertility treatment can cost upwards of $20,000, and many couples will undergo numerous attempts before a treatment is successful. This doesn’t include a doctor’s fees. The global infertility drug and device market will reach $4.8 billion in 2017.

Obesity – Obesity is a big problem because it is the underlying cause for a whole host of health issues, from cardiac failure to diabetes and more. A positive link was found by researchers between the consumption of GM corn and obesity. Studies were performed on rats, mice, pigs and salmon achieving the same results. Other surveys of American food trends also found a link between processed, GM food and obesity. It has become such a significant problem it is now considered an epidemic.

Is diabetes (usually caused by obesity) expensive? You bet. Big Pharma rakes in $471 billion annually for this disease alone. Then there’s statins—the drugs usually prescribed for heart disease. This accounts for another $29 billion dollars, and they haven’t even been proven to work. Obesity also contributes to gallstones, metabolic syndrome, cancer, sleep apnea and reproductive problems. These health issues cost those suffering from them another several billion dollars in efforts to treat them.


These are just a handful of the diseases associated with genetically modified organisms, and the herbicides and pesticides, as well as chemically based fertilizers, which are used to grow them. It doesn’t take much digging to see that one industry fuels the other, but it gets even more interesting when we understand the direct relationship between GM and Pharma companies. For example:

  • The chemical giant, Bayer, known for creating aspirin and recently investing billions in new cancer drugs, has put in a $66 billion dollar bid to take over Monsanto, one of the largest GM seed companies.
  • Syngenta, a massive chemical and agribusiness company, has tried to silence its own scientists for sounding the alarm bells for its pesticide used in conventional farming that were causing frogs to change genders. The state-owned China National Chemical Corporation recently also received clearance from a regulator in the United States for its $43 billion acquisition of Syngenta.
  • Dow chemical touts itself as a provider of both ‘farming’ and ‘pharma’ solutions.

How do you extricate yourself from this collusive nightmare? You eat organic. You cleanse and detox regularly. You drink filtered, pure water. You supplement with powerful, nutrient-dense herbs, and you share what you know about these companies with everyone you know. These industries may have attempted an all-out war against your health, but you can take control back again by making simple, informed choices.