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Doctors, Environmentalists, Mothers Serve U.S. EPA with Petition to Stop Fluoridated Water

It’s only been a few years since Harvard released a meta-analysis providing overwhelming evidence that fluoridated water was causing lowered IQs and possible delayed development in children. Now a group of environmental, medical and health groups, including Moms Against Fluoride (MAF), have served the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a Toxic Substances Control Act petition requesting that they stop allowing the fluoridation of water supplies across the country.


2,500 Scientific Studies Proving Fluoride is Damaging

The petition reiterates a host of evidence that points to broad changes in neural development, anatomical formation and alterations to a developing fetal brain. The document contains over 2,500 scientific studies supporting their request, which is to stop poisoning our children!

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences connects fluoride in drinking water with higher levels of fluoride in the blood; higher fluoride exposure was correlated with lower intelligence among children, even when controlling for age, sex, parent education and income level. The study looked at 512 children from two villages in China. This research was included in the petition.

Jesse Ventura has called it “drinking Prozac water,” and Mr. Charles Perkins, a chemist, calls water fluoridation practiced by the Nazis a ‘light lobotomy.” The petitioners are more politically correct in their accusations, but they speak to the same truth.


Fluoride Poses an “Unreasonable Risk”

The study also says that there are better tools to measure the damage that fluoride has caused. When fluoride tests on human health were first conducted, scientists had only rudimentary measuring devices, like x-rays and the scalpel, but now there are brain imaging and other methods which prove fluoride poses an “unreasonable risk” to children who are forced to drink water doses with fluoride.

Just a few of the highlights of the scientific commentary provided in the petition include:

“…it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain and the body by direct and indirect means.

Not only do fluorides [adversely] affect transmitter concentrations and functions but also are involved in the regulation of glucagon, prostaglandins, and a number of central nervous system peptides including vasopressin… and other hypothalamic peptides.”

“Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.”


No Difference in Tooth Decay Rates in Fluoridated and Non-Fluoridated Countries

Only eleven countries in the world still fluoridate water for more than 50 percent of the population, causing serious health issues to people of all ages. The U.S. is among the countries that still fluoridates their water, despite wide public appeals to stop the practice. In Western Europe, for example, only three percent of the population is drinking fluoridated water.

Interestingly there is no difference in the tooth decay rates between western nations that put fluoride in their water, under the influence of the American Dental Association’s urging, and countries who don’t fluoridate their water at all. This stands as a stark reminder that fluoride not only doesn’t do what it was promoted to—help stop tooth decay—and instead, harms the functioning of the brain.


Fluoride Calcifies the Pineal Gland

It is also well-known that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, an important gland in the center of the brain known to meditators, shamans, and yogis, as the ‘seat of the soul.’  It is also responsible for melatonin synthesis (which plays a role in maintaining normal rhythms and sleep cycles), and also helps convert signals between our nervous and endocrine systems. The pineal gland additionally, is where hormones including natural DMT are produced in order to facilitate enlightenment. This calcification of the pineal gland has been documented scientifically, as well.

Moreover, the concerned parties state in the petition,

“Since there is little benefit in swallowing fluoride, there is little justification in exposing the public to any risk of fluoride neurotoxicity…”

“It is important to note,” says a MAF representative, “that not only does it appear that drinking fluoride does nothing for the enamel, but not a single long-term fluoridation safety trial has ever been conducted on the fetus, the brain or the thyroid by our government. Not one.”


65 Years of Evidence, Yet Our Water is Still Fluoridated

Dr. E.H. Bronner (the grandfather of the modern Bronner’s soap makers) wrote in similar letter in 1952, more than 65 years ago, to the Catholic Mirror of Springfield Massachusetts:

“Fluoridation of our community water systems can well become their most subtle weapon for our sure physical and mental deterioration. …

“As a research chemist of established standing, I built within the past 22 years, 3 American chemical plants and licensed 6 of my 53 patents. Based on my years of practical experience in the health food and chemical field, let me warn: fluoridation of drinking water is criminal insanity, sure national suicide. Don’t do it.

“Even in small quantities, sodium fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has been found. Every exterminator knows that it is the most efficient rat-killer. … Sodium fluoride is entirely different from organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies and provided by nature, in God’s great providence and love, to build and strengthen our bones and our teeth. This organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt, insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body, whereas the non-organic sodium fluoride used in fluoridating water is instant poison to the body and fully water-soluble. The body refuses to assimilate it.”


Will the EPA Finally Act?

The petition was filed under the TSCA, and so it authorizes the EPA to prohibit the “particular use” of a chemical that presents an “unreasonable risk” to the general public or any sub-populations that are susceptible. Certainly the evidence is overwhelming. It has long been time to stop putting the chemical byproducts of the phosphate fertilizer and nuclear weapons and energy industries in our water.