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10 Easy Ways to Detox Your Overburdened Body

10 Easy Ways to Detox Your Overburdened Body

Got toxins? Just as our homes can become dusty and dirty, the human body needs some spring cleaning. Due to the enormous number of chemical toxins in our environment, as well as our own metabolic processes, our bodies can become sluggish and unhealthy when we don’t regularly detox. Here are ten easy options to help clean toxins out of every nook and cranny in the body:


  1.   Liver Cleanse – The liver is one of the most important organs of detoxification. It works like a factory, receiving toxic chemicals and unhealthy byproducts of digestion, and then it gets to work. The liver removes toxins from our bodies in two ways. First, it uses enzymes and oxygen to burn toxins, particularly those stored in our fat. The liver makes these toxins more water soluble so that the body can eliminate them easily. Next, the liver combines partially processed toxins with sulfur or amino acids so that they can be removed through bile or urine. As you can imagine, the liver can become overburdened with receiving and removing toxins from the body, but we can support it in this important job by:
  •      Eating bitter greens, carrots, celery, limes, lemons and beets
  •      Adding chlorophyll juices like wheat grass or juiced dandelion greens[i]
  •      Including liver-supportive spices like turmeric, rosemary, cayenne pepper, cumin and curry in our diets.


  1.   Oil Pulling – Oil pulling, the practice of swishing organic, unrefined olive or coconut oil in the mouth for several minutes, and then spitting it out, has been practiced for centuries.  It was recently rediscovered, but is part of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition. Not only does this practice help to deep clean the mouth, getting rid of bacteria and accumulated toxins, but it can even reduce the toxic burden from the entire body. The Indian Journal of Dental Research states, "It is claimed that the swishing activates enzymes and draws toxins out of the blood. The oil should not be swallowed as it contains bacteria and toxins."[ii]Here’s how to practice this ancient technique:
  •      Start first thing in the morning. Brush your teeth. Use a tablespoon, or slightly less, of organic olive, hemp or coconut oil. These oils have natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties.
  •      Swish the oil around in your mouth. It doesn’t need to be done too vigorously. It is more important to allow the oil to “pull” toxins for a longer time.
  •      When you first start, a few minutes is sufficient, but over time, work up to swishing for ten to twenty minutes.
  •      DO NOT swallow the oil once you’ve swished it around in your mouth. It is full of the toxins that you are trying to get rid of, so instead, spit the oil out in a trash can. Also, avoid spitting the oil in the sink, as it can clog pipes over time.
  •      You can practice oil pulling every morning, or even just once a week. There are no adverse effects from the practice, and many people notice receding gums healing, brighter teeth and fewer cavities.


  1.   Gallbladder Cleanse – The gallbladder is another important organ for detoxification. It is recommended that you check with your doctor before commencing a gallbladder flush, however, to make sure that you don’t have large, calcified stones that would be difficult for you to pass through the body’s bile ducts.  You will need:
  •      Organic apple cider without added sugars
  •      Standard process disodium phosphate (capsules can be purchased online)
  •      Citrus fruits (lemon, orange or grapefruit)
  •      Unrefined olive oil (available at most health food stores)
  •      Lemon juice

To do the flush you will:

  •      Start on a Monday morning and continue the cleanse through the week. On day one (Monday), drink as much apple cider as you can, in addition to regular meals.
  •      On the following six days (Tuesday through Saturday), do the same.
  •      At noon on Saturday, eat a normal, healthy lunch.
  •      At 3 p.m. (three hours later if your lunch time was delayed), take three disodium phosphate capsules with 8 ounces of water.
  •      At 5 p.m. (two hours later), repeat. Take another three disodium phosphate capsules with 8 ounces of water.
  •      Limit dinner to only the citrus fruits you purchased.
  •      Just before bed, take either ½ cup of the unrefined olive oil, followed by a small glass of fresh-squeezed citrus fruit, or you can blend the unrefined olive oil with ½ cup of organic lemon juice.
  •      Go to sleep, but for the first 30 minutes, lie on your right side, with your knees close to your chest in the fetal position.
  •      The following morning, take three more capsules of the disodium phosphate with 8 ounces of water and have a normal breakfast.

You may feel nauseous from drinking the olive oil and citrus, but this is temporary. The upper right quadrant of your abdomen may also feel stimulated, but this is good because it means the flush is working to clear out built up, toxic bile from the gallbladder.


  1.   Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Aloe Vera Cleanse -Another natural detox method is a six or seven-day cleanse, using distilled water, organic/raw apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice. This is essentially a fast using only these liquids to help the body naturally detox on its own, so plan accordingly. No vigorous workouts or hectic schedules should be observed when fasting.


  1.   Raw Food/Alkaline Cleanse – Aside from simply removing toxic food from our diets, including refined sugars, carbs and processed foods, we can support detoxification simply by using food. Eating a raw/uncooked diet comprised of primarily fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and sprouts can help to detox the colon, liver, skin and other systems of the body. The more alkaline a diet is, the less burden there is on the body to get rid of toxins.


  1.   Herbal Cleanse – There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of herbs from all over the world that support detoxification in the body. Try adding the following either as a whole food or as a quality supplement:
  •      Cinnamon
  •      Turmeric
  •      Cilantro
  •      Fenugreek
  •      Fennel
  •      Cayenne pepper
  •      Black pepper
  •      Cloves
  •      Parsley
  •      Rosemary
  •      Moringa Olifera


  1.   Distilled Water Cleanse – Drinking distilled water in place of almost any beverage, but certainly as a substitute for sugary sodas or sports drinks, can greatly detox the body. Every single cell relies on clean water to eliminate waste, and you can help support the body down to this cellular level by drinking at least 8 ounces, eight times daily.


  1.   Pineal Gland Cleanse – The pineal gland is a tiny, pinecone shaped gland in the middle of the brain that is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycles, secreting melatonin, a precursor hormone to DMT and has been linked to an elevated consciousness. This tiny gland is also responsible for our cognitive functioning to a large degree. The only problem is that the pineal gland becomes toxified over time, and substances like fluoride speed up that process of calcification. To ‘cleanse’ the pineal gland, consume oregano oil, and neem extract, add raw, organic cacao to your diet, and make sure you get plenty of organically sourced iodine.


  1.   Stress Detox – It’s good to eliminate stress so that you feel better emotionally, but it is also important to reduce stress in order to get rid of toxins in the body. This is why one of the main focuses in Ayurveda is to convince the body to burn fat. Ayurvedic medicine focuses on fat burning, not so much for weight loss, but because fat metabolism is the body’s detox fuel, and it is critical that we flush out fat cells in order to remove toxins. Once the nervous system can function without stress, the body will naturally burn fat.


  1.   Yogic Detox – Finally, there are a number of yogic cleanses, called shatkarmas, which can help to purify not only the physical body, but the energetic body, as well. You can find a number of these ancient practices listed here.


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