Spark - Cognitive Support Formula

Our fast-acting Cognitive support blend was carefully formulated to help enhance your mental performance, promote a positive mood, increase natural energy and spark your mind's full potential.
  • CLINICALLY STUDIED HERBS, AMINO'S & VITAMIN BLEND FOR MENTAL PERFORMANCE - Focus & Concentration support with physician formulated ingredients. This natural formula is formulated to help promote healthy circulation in the brain and cognition function. Spark contains a powerful stack of DMAE,GABA, Bacopa, Green tea extract, Huperzine A , PS and many more that work synergistically for great effect.
  • SMOOTH, NATURAL, CAFFEINE-FREE - Stay alert and focused using safe and natural ingredients with this top-of-class focus supplement without the crash and jitters from caffeine.
  • BETTER FOCUS + CONCENTRATION – the natural way to focus and get work done – Bacopa Monniera is well known and trusted ingredient for attention – capsules contain 20 mg of Bacosides chemical compounds
  • ENHANCE MENTAL CLARITY - Spark contains potent ingredients like that improve cerebral blood flow and act as a neuroprotective
  • LIFT YOUR MOOD - The carefully selected blend also improves mood so that you can focus on what's important.

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