MindMeld Gold - Premium Nootropic

MindMeld Gold is our high grade, high potency Nootropic stack providing cognitive enhancement unlike any other product on the market. 

Our product was formulated to provide real results backed by clinical studies and substantiated claims using clinically tested & award winning ingredients

Mindmeld details:

  • CLINICALLY STUDIED INGREDIENTS TO BOOST MEMORY, FOCUS, MOOD & CLARITY. One of the only nootropics to contain multiple branded ingredients backed by clinical studies to act as a powerful universal nootropic.
  • MEMORY AND FOCUS SUPPLEMENT THAT WORKS. Our potent nootropic stack was designed to show results in short term use and cumulative benefits over longer term use.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED DOSES – Unlike many cheaper priced Nootropics that use low quantities of each ingredients, our formula contains clinically based doses that have been proven to show cognitive enhancement.
  • MADE WITH PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Mindmeld contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients such as Cognizin CitiColine, Synapsa Bacopa Monnieri extract, TeaCrine, PS, L-Theanine, Vitamins B6, B9 &12, L-Phenylalanine and BioPerine.
  • MADE BY SCIENTISTS for POTENCY & SAFETY - Boost cognition, stay focused and alert longer, and retain information more easily with a daily serving of two capsules. Our product is 100% SAFE and NON-GMO | GLUTEN-FREE | VEGAN FRIENDLY and has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not happy with the results,



Premium ingredients backed by clinical studies

safety and quality guaranteed

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We stand behind our product. We offer a full money back guarantee if we do not meet your satisfaction. No questions asked and No hassle. We've also thrown in FREE SHIPPING across the US for a limited time offer.

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