MindMeld Gold - Premium Nootropic - Coming Soon

MindMeld Gold is our high grade, high potency Nootropic stack providing cognitive enhancement unlike any other product on the market. 

Our product was formulated to provide real results backed by clinical studies and substantiated claims using clinically tested & award winning ingredients

Our product has shown to:

  • Improves Memory and Recall*
  • Increase Focus & Concentration*
  • Provides Mental Clarity and reduces brain fog*
  • Improves Mood and stress relief*
  • Provide Mental Energy without jitters*

Using premium ingredients such as Cognizin, Synapsa , TeaCrine, BioPerine and more, we've created a synergistic stack that tackles cognitive enhancement on multiple layers. Each one of these ingredients can be used separately, but when combined at specific dosages can provide powerful synergistic effects. 

MindMeld Gold was designed due to a growing demand from our current customers for a safe, effective and clinically backed Nootropic. 

First Batch of MindMeld Gold will only be available in limited quantities to our exclusive members.

Contact support@beherbal.com to find out on how to become a member.



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