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Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg

  • HIGH POTENCY: Be Herbal's Magnesium uses a premium magnesium glycinate that provides an effective dose of elemental magnesium needed for your health and well being.
  • HIGHEST ABSORPTION - MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF MAGNESIUM: research shows that Magnesium glycinate (also known as magnesium bisglycinate) is the easiest form of magnesium for the body to digest and absorb.
  • EASY ON THE STOMACH WITH NO LAXATIVE EFFECT: Unlike inferior forms such as oxide, citrate, taurate and malate. Magnesium Glycinate is gentle on the stomach and has zero laxative effect, helping you to enjoy superior absorption when compared to other  forms.
  • VITAL NUTRIENT THAT SUPPORTS YOUR ENTIRE BODY – Magnesium is essential to the maintenance of healthy muscles and nerve function. It also plays an important role in regulating calcium, vitamin D, copper and zinc, which are all needed to maintain bone health. Magnesium is so vital that it is one of the 24 essential vitamins and minerals, making it a must have daily supplement.
  • HEART, KIDNEY, BLOOD SUGAR AND BRAIN SUPPORT – Magnesium is used by every organ, especially your heart, brain, and kidneys. It’s involved in 300+ bodily functions, such as regulating heartbeat rhythms and brain function. Studies show that up to 75% of Americans may be deficient in magnesium and either need to eat more magnesium rich foods, or take a magnesium supplement.
  • SLEEP & RELAXATION SUPPORT – Your body needs magnesium to produce the neurotransmitter GABA, which encourages relaxation and sleep. It also plays a key role in regulating the body's stress-response system. As such, magnesium deficiency is associated with heightened stress and anxiety. Magnesium helps quiet the entire nervous system. Therefore, many people use it for natural stress relief and sleep aid.